You never learn anything from talking

You never learn anything from talking
April 11, 2014 Patrick Yore

One of my favorite adages is “You never learn anything from talking”. Think about it. You can spout on about how great you are, how much you know, how much pretend to know, but we learn by listening, reading, doing or experiencing.

Now, let’s learn a bit about life through others’ insight, for we can learn great things when others talk. Items that I know the authors of, I’ve noted. Others I may have written or I may have heard, not quite sure, but I truly love them either way. The help me make sense of the world through words…

Design is the elimination of the nonessential
Ideas are a dime a dozen, good ideas are priceless
If you’re going to do something, do it right
We all know what is right or wrong,
whenever you are presented with a decision
do the right thing every time and all will be well
There is a fine line between clever and stupid
The general public is smarter than most advertising people give them credit for
Do not fear color
There are no statues to committees in parks
It is a hungry farmer who blames his plow
The computer, in the hands of an artist, is the same as any palate knife, brush, chisel or piece of charcoal
These ads don’t write themselves
Capture their attention and you may communicate,
capture their imagination and you may have a connection
Create intelligent, intriguing, captivating advertising that draws in the reader and gets them to ask questions and want to know more
Do not use exclamation points! DO NOT — USE ALL CAPS. The words you write should have power in and of themselves to stand and deliver the message you intend without extra garnishment. Think like a chef. Salt should be not needed if the food is seasoned correctly.
If you want to be liked, do not talk about yourself, in turn, ask someone a question about them.
You never learn anything from talking.