How to start your own Brainblaze

How to start your own Brainblaze
April 11, 2014 Patrick Yore

When we start a project together, always know that we give every client the same attention, care and energy, no matter how big or large your company or job. Think of a Brainblaze project as a path we walk together, taking turns and making decisions to get us to your goal. The process evolves over time and through this evolution, we assure that we will end up with a final product that works hard and accomplishes all of our goals defined at the onset.



Working with Brainblaze will be easy, enjoyable and truly beneficial to the success of your business. Here are the terms of our business :

1. First and foremost, we truly appreciate you working together with us – Thank you.

2. Every project is billed on a 25% Stepped Payment system based upon an initial estimate of time, consumables and rights (when appropriate).

The 25% Payment breakdown is as follows :
1st 25% is due to commence the project, before any work is undertaken
2nd 25% is due upon delivery of first round concepts/sketches
3rd 25% is due upon delivery of second round comprehensives
4th 25% plus any overage is due upon delivery of final project

4. All work is billed on an hourly basis, broken down to 15 minute increments and digitally tracked using Billings software.

5. You will receive digital invoices via email including link to pay securely via Quickbooks or Square.

6. We can take cash, checks, ACH, peanuts, guitars and process all credit cards.

7. Paypal is also a preferred method of payment : use

8. If you have any suggestions regarding our business protocol, please let us know, we want to make the business side of doing business with Brainblaze without question and truly enjoyable.

9. We are dedicated to breaking down the traditional conception of advertising agencies. We provide the highest level of service and the highest quality of work without rampant egos or inflated costs. Honesty, truth and value are tantamount to every element of our work for you.