Words of Wisdom from Don Draper

Words of Wisdom from Don Draper
June 6, 2014 Patrick Yore

These scenes are from Season Six of Mad Men : The Crash – our favorite MM Episode. Mad Men is a great look at Advertising on the inside. Whether it depicts reality or not is debatable, but it does both inspire and instill fear of “the game” in equally good portions…


I know you’re all feeling the darkness here today.
But there’s no reason to give in.
No matter what you’ve heard, this process will not take years.
In my heart I know we cannot be defeated because there is an answer that will open the door.
There is a way around this system.
This is a test of our patience and commitment.
One great idea can win someone over.
Dear Lord, you’re as good as they say.
That was very inspiring.
Do you have any idea what the idea is?
No. But I’m not gonna stop looking.



“This may be hard to believe, but the history can’t be ignored.
The history should not be ignored.
Look, I don’t want to waste your time, with” Peggy! “I don’t want you to shut this door.
Just let me say a few things.
You and I both know–” Did you want us? Yes.
Get everyone.
No, wait.
Just listen.
I’ve got it.
Remember this work? I’ve never seen it before.
Well, it says it all.
It really does.
Okay, I’ve got this great message and it has to do with what holds people together.
What is that thing that draws them? It’s a history.
And it may not even be with that person, but it’s it’s like a well, it’s bigger than that.
And that makes them buy a car? If this strategy is successful, it’s way bigger than a car.
It’s everything.
I keep thinking about the basic principle of advertising.
There’s entertainment and you stick the ad in the middle of the entertainment like a little respite.
It’s a bargain.
They’re getting the entertainment for free.
All they have to do is listen to the message.
But what if they don’t take the bargain at all? What if they’re suddenly bored of the entertainment? What if they don’t– what if they turn off the TV? – You gotta get your foot in the door.
– Exactly! So, how do I do that? Let’s say I get her face to face.
How do I capture her imagination? I have a sentence, maybe two.
Who’s “her”?
Promise them everything.
You know, you’re gonna change their life.
– You’re gonna take away their pain.
– That’s good.
Then you hit ’em with the one-two punch.
What’s the answer to all of life’s problems? A Chevy.
No, it’s not.
Then it’s oatmeal? No.
What have you been doing the last three days? Have you been working on Chevy at all?
I gotta go.
You wanna get someone in here who can draw?
No, I don’t have time for art.
He’s happy.
Now we can relax.



What the hell went on here this weekend? Half of this work is gibberish.
“Chevy” is spelled wrong.
Look, I am going to continue on Chevy in my function as creative director.
That is, evaluating other people’s work.
That’s all I can do right now.
Call me around 1970 when they’re ready to make an ad.
What are you talking about? I can’t do this by myself.
I’m sorry, Ted.
But every time we get a car, this place turns into a whorehouse.