Coronavirus : What we know

Coronavirus : What we know
March 20, 2020 Patrick Yore


Here is a real-time interactive data dashboard related to the COVID-19 Virus : Johns Hopkins CV Dashboard



  1. At first, we thought it was only a concern for older people, but now the CDC has said 40% of people that need to be hospitalized are between the ages of 20-54
  2. As of 3-20-2020, the mortality rate of people infected in Italy is almost 10%
  3. On 3-20-2020 Governor Newsom of California ordered people to stay in place and warns that almost 60% of Californians could get the disease in the next two months unless drastic measures like home isolation are undertaken.
  4. The first symptoms of the disease are cough, fever and GI issues.
  5. The Virus can mutate
  6. People can and have been reinfected
  7. The virus can be spread by air
  8. Two residents of Fairfax are still quarantined after being on the Pacific Princess Cruise Ship. They reside at 53 Bothin Rd.
  9. In May of 2018, President Trump disbanded the team in charge of pandemic response at The National Security Council 
  10. Scientists from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) found that when the virus is carried by the droplets released when someone coughs or sneezes, it remains viable, or able to still infect people, in aerosols for at least three hours. On plastic and stainless steel, viable virus could be detected after three days. On cardboard, the virus was not viable after 24 hours. On copper, it took 4 hours for the virus to become inactivated.
  11. Almost half of patients with the new coronavirus experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Though the virus primarily causes fever or difficulty breathing, these have appeared first in 10% of cases.
  12. One month after the first case of the coronavirus was reported in the US, Nicholas Reich, a professor of infectious-disease modeling at the University of Mass, Amherst, and Thomas McAndrew, a postdoctoral fellow at the university, started surveying their colleagues on how the virus might unfold in America. The results indicate that experts expect a grim death toll — somewhere in the range of 195,000 deaths in the U.S. by the end of the year.  That figure, while massive, is less than one-tenth the number of deaths estimated in a worst-case-scenario model from Imperial College in London which suggested that, without intervention, the coronavirus could cost 2.2 million lives in the U.S.



  1. On March 8, 2020 the Dow Jones was down 12% in one day
  2. In one month from mid February to mid March, the stock market has lost 32% of it’s value
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